UM Bike Price in Nepal 2022

UM is an American motorcycle brand initially registered with the US Trademark and Patent Office in the early 2000s by its founders, the Villegas Family.

Since his early years, Mr. Octavio Villegas Llano, the family patriarch, dreamed of creating transportation possibilities and was a great entrepreneur who founded automotive plants, Asian vehicle distribution companies, and a wide range of transportation products from trolleybuses to three-wheelers.

It would be fair to say that he marked UM’s young history.

UM is one of Nepal’s top motorcycle companies, with some of the most potent and impressive motorcycles on the market.

UM DSR II 250cRs. 4,35,000
UM Hypersports 250cRs. 4,45,000
UM Renegade 180cRs. 2,99,000
UM Renegade Commando 300cRs. 6,14,000
UM Renegade Sports 140Rs. 2,65,000
UM Renegade Sports S 300cRs. 6,22,000

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